Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos del Paisajismo en Florida

We are pleased to announce our newest publication, Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos del Paisajismo en Florida, developed collaboratively by UF/IFAS Extension Professionals Hannah Wooten from Orange County, Morgan Pinkerton and Tina McIntyre from Seminole County, and Basics of Landscaping in Florida Cover pageTatiana Sanchez-Jones from Alachua County. This comprehensive guide is carefully designed to aid homeowners, landscaping enthusiasts, and industry professionals in adopting sustainable practices that honor and safeguard Florida’s diverse landscapes. 

Florida’s unique environments, ranging from coastal shores to inland ecosystems, demand specialized care to maintain their natural beauty and ecological integrity. Our goal with this publication is to equip readers with practical knowledge and science-based techniques. These strategies will help nurture landscapes that thrive while conserving water and minimizing environmental impact.


Key Topics Covered: SP644 - Right Plant Right Place

Water Conservation: Implement practical strategies to reduce water usage in landscaping. 

Nutrient Management: Discover techniques to prevent nutrient runoff and protect water quality. 

Sustainable Techniques: Learn science-based approaches for achieving attractive landscapes with minimal environmental impact. 

Professional Development: Explore opportunities for landscaping professionals, including training, licensing, and certification. 

Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos del Paisajismo en Florida is designed as a pocket-sized field companion. It features high-quality gloss-laminated pages assembled with two 1-inch silver O-rings, ensuring durability and ease of use in various outdoor settings. This format allows users to access valuable information on the go.

SP644 - Ilustracion sobre Profundidad Adecuada para SembrarAdditionally, the publication features detailed illustrations and high-quality photographs to aid understanding and visual learning. QR codes are included throughout the guide. These provide instant access to online resources for further information and tools related to sustainable landscape management.

This resource is designed in a bilingual format, presenting content in both English and Spanish, to ensure accessibility to a broader audience. Landscaping professionals will also discover opportunities for further training, professional licensing, and certification to enhance their expertise and contribute to the future of sustainable landscape management.


Order your copy of Basics of Landscaping in Florida/Conceptos Básicos del Paisajismo en Florida today at the UF/IFAS Bookstore.


Reading age: Adults and young adults, Print length: 52 pages, Languages available: English/Spanish, Dimensions: 6 x 4 inches, Publisher: UF/IFAS Communications


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Posted: April 25, 2024

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