Access to Adobe Stock Images

Adobe Stock provides access to more than 300 million copyright-free images, templates, illustrations, and 3D assets. Individuals affiliated with the University of Florida (UF) possessing a full Adobe Creative Cloud suite license (see below for more information) are eligible for Adobe Stock access. Consequently, beginning April 1, 2024, ICS will discontinue Getty Images and close the Workfront request form for the photo bank.

Adobe Stock eliminates the worry of whether you have the right to use images in your blog posts, promotional materials, and courses.

What types of assets are available on Adobe Stock?

  • Photos: high-resolution
  • Design assets: vectors, illustrations, and design templates.
  • 3D assets: 3D models, materials, and lights
  • Motion: motion graphics templates for use in Premiere Pro
  • Note: Video, Audio, and Premium Photos are not included as free assets within the University’s Adobe Stock Enterprise license but are available for purchase.

Where can I use Adobe Stock assets?

  • Faculty, staff, and students can use, reproduce, archive, modify, and display assets related to professional, academic, and coursework at UF.
  • Use in marketing and promotional materials, presentations, decorations, and digital productions.
  • Adobe Stock images should not be used for other purposes unrelated to UF, such as personal financial gain.
  • For the complete Adobe Stock image licensing terms, see:

How do I access and download Adobe Stock assets?

  • Navigate to or through Creative Cloud software like Adobe Express (similar to Canva).
  • Sign in using your GatorLink account credentials.
  • Select an image category from the drop-down or click the magnifying glass to upload a reference.
  • Click the LICENSE icon to download.
  • If an asset is already marked LICENSED, it has been previously downloaded by a UF user and can be used again. Click the “Licensed” icon and the “Re-Download For Free” option to download.
  • If an item is marked BUY, it is a premium asset available for purchase. Click the Buy icon and enter payment.
  • Purchased assets become available for all UF users.

About Creative Cloud

You can purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud user-based license through UF’s Software Licensing department for $128 annually. Adobe Express, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Stock, and others are included in the subscription. 


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Posted: December 14, 2023

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