5 Things You Should Prepare Before Submitting a Graphic Design Request 

The world of Graphic Design is a fun and exciting place. However, if it’s your first time working with a Graphic Designer (or maybe it’s been a while, and you’re a little rusty), you may not know where to start. What content should you provide? How do you convey what you’re looking for in a design? We know it can be a little confusing. That’s why we’ve devised a list of five things to include when entering a design request.

1. Text 

The text you want to appear in the design should be one of the first items you provide. We don’t have much of a starting point if we don’t have the text. The text is the “meat” of the design process. It is where most of the information comes from (most of the time), and the design revolves around the text. 

2. Photos, Graphs, and other graphics 

Photos, graphs, and graphics are just as important as the text. These provide the visual aspect of the text. They help the viewer understand the text visually and help support the information stated in the text. You may want us to provide the imagery. That’s fine. In this case, instead of sending us files, you would just describe what images you would like us to create or provide. 

To find out if your photos are good quality, open this pdf file for reference: https://branding.ifas.ufl.edu/media/brandingifasufledu/photos-and-videos/Image_Ratio_Table.pdf 

3. Logos

Logos are critical. We will always include one of the UF/IFAS logos (UF/IFAS, Extension, CALS, or Research) on the designs. They let the viewer know the originator of the information. We already have these logos on file. You do not need to include them. We also usually have the updated county logos, but you could send them if you wish. 

If applicable, we will need you to include other logos in the request. A few examples of logos we may not have include program logos, governmental agency logos, outside institution logos, etc.  

The file types we prefer are .eps, .ai, .pdf., and png (with transparent backgrounds). If all you have are .jpgs, that is ok, but we would prefer one of the other file types mentioned. 

4. Design inspiration 

Show us what you’re envisioning! If there is a specific design that you have seen that you like, you can include it as inspiration. It is helpful for the designers to see your vision so we can get a good idea before beginning the design. Viewing samples saves us time and helps us understand your concept.  

Caveat: UF has recently rebranded, and we will follow the guidelines provided and cannot design anything that doesn’t fit into the scope of these guidelines. However, it is always good to include your ideas so we can create a design that fits the UF brand while also satisfying your vision. 


5. Specific details about the project 

Be sure to include all the details about the project. Including all the particulars ahead of time allows us to start on your project sooner and meet your deadline. 

Here is a quick list to get you started:  

  • Describe what you need help with designing. 
  • Provide the due date. 
  • List contact information for you and anyone else you want included. 
  • Specify the type of design(s) requested and if you need illustration work. 
  • Include any additional instructions, be specific. 
  • Include the size of the piece(s). 
  • Stipulate if you need assistance with printing. 
  • Explain who the primary and secondary audiences are for the piece(s). 

Although it may be a little overwhelming initially, this list will hopefully eliminate some confusion and help you get started. To enter a Graphic Design request using our online intake system, head to Workfront (https://ufifas.my.workfront.com) and let the fun begin! 


Posted: August 18, 2022

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics
Tags: Graphic Design

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