Basics of reviewing Proofs in Workfront

With Workfront’s digital review and approval features, known as proofing, asset stakeholders can review, comment on, mark up, and approve text documents, videos, audio files, images, PDFs, etc.


  1. When you receive a proof through email, click on Go to Proof to access it.
  2. Use the navigation tools (bottom center of the screen O, P, and Q) to reposition or zoom in and out.


  1. Click Add Comment (H) at the top to open the comment box on the right side (N).
  2. Enter your text for the comment (N).
  3. Select a mark-up too from the toolbar (I).
  4. Draw on the proof to indicate what your comment pertains to.
  5. Or, use the Text annotation tools to request text to be deleted, replaced, inserted, bolded, italicized, or underlined.
  6. Click Post in the comment box to save it.

Make a Decision

A decision may indicate formal approval, or it is a way to let the person you are working with know you are done reviewing the file Note: Don’t “make a decision” until you are finished making comments, as this will lock the proof from comments being made.

    1. Click the Make a Decision button on the top center of the screen (J).
    2. Choose the appropriate options
      1. Approved
      2. Approved with changes – only use this option if there are very minor changes.
      3. Changes Required

Other tools

There are more advanced tools in the proof viewer. If you are interested in learning more, watch Workfront Client Training: Proofs. Other Workfront training videos can also be found here under Workfront Client Training.


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Posted: June 1, 2022

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