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National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Invasive species cause a lot of damage to ecosystems and agriculture in Florida. But it’s a complex issue, and people don’t always know when or how they’re being invaded—think less “Mars Attacks,” more “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” New selections from the UF/IFAS Extension bookstore can help you tell friend from foe in your gardens, fields and natural areas.

Plant This, Not That

Tina McIntyre, Rachel Gutner, Sandra Wilson, and Morgan Pinkerton

Plant This – Not That is an identification guide written by UF/IFAS Extension horticulture agents to help people find safe alternatives to invasive ornamental plants, including trees, shrubs, vines and groundcovers.

Twenty-two full-color entries feature an invasive plant that is commonly found for sale, including its description, distribution and range, and ecological threat. Each of these bad actors is paired with a list of beautiful non-invasive alternatives to plant instead.

The guide also features an introduction to invasive plants, a list of resources and a detailed bibliography for further study.

64 pp.


This or That?

A Beginner’s Guide to Commonly Misidentified Animals and Plants in Florida

Lara Milligan, James Stevenson, Jr.

Is that an ordinary green tree frog or an invasive Cuban tree frog? Harmless frog’s-bit or canal-clogging water hyacinth? This or That? is a truly unique identification guide that uses detailed descriptions and side-by-side photo comparisons to help you distinguish between look-alike species. More than 98 birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and aquatic and terrestrial plants found throughout Florida are featured, including venomous, invasive, non-native and threatened species. Whether you’re teaching a class, managing land, learning about nature or settling a friendly bet, This or That? is a useful resource to have at your fingertips.

128 pp.


Florida Invasive Animals

James Kavanaugh

Waterford Press

This laminated pocket folding guide features 37 key species of mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects and other invertebrates that are invasive in Florida. Color photos, descriptions and common habitats make for clear identification, and each entry discusses species’ threat to humans and natural ecosystems. Also includes an introduction to invasive species and what to do if you find one.


Florida Invasive Plants

James Kavanaugh

Waterford Press

This handy pocket guide folds out to identify 32 species of aquatic and terrestrial plants that are invasive in Florida. Each entry comes with color photos and descriptions, habitat and threats to agriculture and natural areas. An illustrated guide to plant parts aids identification. Includes a list of things to do and not do to reduce the spread of invasive plants in Florida.



For more, visit http://ifasbooks.ifas.ufl.edu


Posted: March 1, 2022

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