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Faculty & Staff Holiday Discounts

Dec 6 – Dec 12

Faculty and staff with Gatorlink credentials save 20% on hundreds of publications, including gardening and natural resources publications, ID decks, playing cards, and wildlife journals.

From December 6 through December 12, we are expanding our 20% discount to logo and branded items – UF/IFAS, Extension, Florida 4-H and Master Gardener shirts, hats, pens, totes, and more!

In Gainesville? Stop by the IFAS Extension Bookstore on the UF campus December 6-10 with your valid Gator1 card. (Bookstore will be closed to walk-in traffic December 11-12.)

Shopping online? Please visit http://www.ifasbooks.com and click our Login page, then follow the UF Faculty/Staff instructions. This will ensure you receive all eligible discounts – no coupon code required.

New Books for Young Scientists

If it isn’t dinosaurs, it’s bugs. Children have an innate fascination with insects, bugs, caterpillars, butterflies and other creepy crawly critters. This can develop into a lifelong interest in science, and many of our leading researchers can trace their paths back to a small gift they received from a parent or relative that awakened their curiosity. Who knows? Maybe a holiday gift from the IFAS Extension Bookstore will lead to tomorrow’s breakthrough scientist.

Zoe’s Mission

Rebecca Jordi

Illustrated by Joanne Roach

This delightfully-illustrated children’s book follows Zoe, a zebra longwing butterfly, on her adventurous journey to find a safe place to lay her eggs and raise a family. Along the way she encounters the hazards of civilization and the joys of meeting other creatures. This book is a wonderful introduction to the world of butterflies and other pollinators, featuring the life cycles of several of Florida’s most common species.

Proceeds from sales go to support UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County’s horticulture programming.


48 pp. 8.5” x 11”, hardcover


Insects and Bugs for Kids

Jaret C. Daniels

Adventure Publications

This colorful introduction to entomology gives young readers the basics they need to make their own scientific observations. It includes illustrated information about insect anatomy and the major orders of Arthropods, as well as tips for safely finding and observing bugs outdoors. There are also projects and activities for capturing bugs, raising caterpillars and planting pollinator gardens.

Author Jaret Daniels is a renowned entomologist, photographer and educator at the University of Florida.

With butterflies, bees and more, this book makes a perfect gift for the young entomologist on your list.

128 pp.


Insects and Bugs Backyard Workbook

Jaret C. Daniels

Adventure Publications

This workbook is a neat companion to Insects and Bugs for Kids that really puts students in control of their own scientific discoveries. It includes fun activities, challenging quizzes and do-it-yourself projects for engaging young learners in the world of science. Printed in full color on durable matte paper, it makes drawing up hypotheses, taking careful observations, and recording data easy and fun.

Author Jaret Daniels is a renowned entomologist, photographer and educator at the University of Florida.

This book is perfect for classrooms, afterschool programs or at-home learning.

120 pp.


For more, visit the IFAS Extension Bookstore at http://ifasbooks.ifas.ufl.edu/


Posted: December 7, 2021

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