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TERMINALFOUR (T4) TIP 39: Sharing Eventbrite Events On Your County Calendar

Intended Audience: Extension CONTRIBUTORS, MODERATORS

Tip: Eventbrite Sharing to the Extension county and state-wide calendar is easy.

To complete the four-step process be sure you are logged in to your county Google Calendar, then head over to Eventbrite.

  1. Create and publish Your Eventbrite Event.

    When setting up the event, it is best to add a Title, Description, and location, but try to keep it brief.
  2. View the Public Event you created and select Add to Calendar.
  3. From the pop-up window, select Add to Calendar > Google Calendar.
  4. You will be redirected to your Google Calendar, press Save to add the event to your calendar.

    Eventbrite will redirect you to the Google Calendar you are logged into, so be sure you are logged into your county Google Calendar.

When complete, your Eventbrite events will be searchable here and they will appear on your county calendar.

Double-check to make sure the event appears on your Google county calendar. When the Eventbrite link is clicked you will be redirected to the Eventbrite event.