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TERMINALFOUR (T4) TIP 36: Adding Blog Posts To Your Website


TIP: Cherry-pick what content automatically appears on your website by using blog tags and categories.

EXPLANATION: There are multiple ways to add current content to your website automatically.  

Adding Blog Posts To Your Website

There are multiple ways to add current content to your website by adding blog posts.  First, choose from one of six blog content pieces by pressing the green “create content” button within your TERMINALFOUR(T4) website section.


A simple example is in the below screenshot, the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center blog feed was added to the mrec website.


Cherry Picking Blog Content For Your Website

There is an infinite number of content combinations you can add to your website by specifying specific categories and/or tags. Here are some content combinations.

Syntax For TERMINALFOUR (T4) website blog content pieces

By County 
By Department
By Category 
By Tag
By Author
Combining multiple tags together:,roy-beckford/

Combining Multiple Tags Together

…From One Blog

You can use a comma to combine multiple blog tags together and display them on your webpage. The following tag combination would display any blog post, with the specified tag list, from the same blog:

EXAMPLE 1 – Combining multiple tags together:,roy-beckford/
EXAMPLE 2 – Combining multiple tags together:,COVID19,COVID,covid,covid-19,covid19/

Here is a screenshot of what you would insert into your T4 Website for Example 2 displaying these specific (covid) blog posts.

screenshot1-t4 tip36

…From More Than One Blog

But say, I wanted to get posts from two different blogs. In the below example, I want everything written about Dr. Brian Pearson. After some reading on Blogs.IFAS, there are two blogs that could potentially post about or by Dr. Pearson (i.e., news and mrec).

Leveraging The UF/IFAS Global Blog

The global blog provides an index of all blogs on the Blogs.IFAS platform. So, to get blog posts from both the news and mrec blog I will leverage the global blog on Blogs.IFAS.

To reach my goal, I would not add the following to my T4 website:

screenshot2-t4 tip36

Instead, I would add the below blog tag list combination. In this manner, I would get everything from the Blogs.IFAS platform that contains ONLY the two tags I want to display on Brian’s faculty page.

screenshot4-t4 tip36

Here is what the blog feed looks like on Brian’s faculty profile page. By adding the feed here, I can now get current updates on what Brian is doing. Go here to see the public page:

screenshot5-t4 tip36

*Note: At the time of this writing, MREC had no blog posts about Brian using any of the tags referenced above. So, only one blog post shows on Brian’s personal page. The post was written by UF/IFAS News.

You may also notice that different blog posts appear on MREC’s homepage and on Brian’s faculty profile page. There is an infinite number of content combinations you can add to your website by adding content from Blogs.IFAS.