TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 32: Mirroring Content Pieces

Intended Audience: Contributors and Moderators

TIP: Streamline web publishing by using time-saving tips (Part 2 of 2)

Explanation: One of the many advantages of the TERMINALFOUR content management system (t4 CMS) is the ability to duplicate and mirror content. Both of these options save you time, and also reduce the potential for errors.

Mirroring a Content Piece

Mirroring content pieces is a way to prevent having to make the same edits to a content piece that is featured on several different web pages. Just like a physical mirror, changes made to mirrored content pieces in any t4 section will reflect everywhere the mirrored content piece is used. For that reason, it’s important to check for accuracy before sending your web pages to the publishing queue. For detailed instructions on how to accomplish this, view the t4 video tutorial on mirroring content pieces.

Keep in mind that you cannot mirror a content piece to the same section where it is currently housed. In addition, while removing a mirrored content piece from one section will not remove it from other sections where it is mirrored, any edits made to mirrored content will reflect everywhere the content piece is mirrored.

Be sure to preview your web pages before publishing to ensure content displays correctly. Adjust as necessary.


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Posted: April 16, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates

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