TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 30: Create Content with User Experience in Mind

Intended Audience: Contributors and Moderators

TIP: How to create and post web content that is straight-forward and easily navigable

Explanation: When preparing web pages for public display, organize web content that helps web users quickly locate the information they seek.

As a web user yourself, consider how simple or difficult it is to find relevant data on various websites. Avoid forcing web users to sift through information that’s irrelevant or otherwise not the most current or important web content.


The following screenshot demonstrates direct display of web content. The web user can easily identify pertinent information, and also view office-specific data by selecting the appropriate accordion menu.


By contrast, the next screenshot displays a disorganized and confusing web page. The absence of date and time data forces the web user to decide for themselves when information was refreshed. In addition, the terms “recently updated” and “previously updated” are vague. This is time-consuming, frustrating, and delivers a poor user experience.

Therefore, as you’re creating web content for public display, it’s best to always consider how you would naturally navigate a web page, and then extend to your web visitors the same courtesy and ease of use.

Be sure to preview your web pages before publishing to ensure content displays correctly. Adjust as necessary.


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Posted: April 2, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates

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