TERMINALFOUR (T4) TIP 26: Adding A Call-To-Action To Your Website

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TIP: There are two other ways to promote calls-to-action without using a slider.

Most of us probably rely on a homepage slider to communicate important call-to-action information. There are two other ways to promote calls-to-action without using a slider.


The first content piece is called Pull-quote-aside. A good example of this piece is located on the UF/ IFAS Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE) homepage. What I like about the Pull-quote aside is that it allows you to add quite a bit of text to the call-to-action and you can add it to the middle of any page.

As an aside….(pun intended), you may notice that the ABE homepage is also using a button banner (located directly above the Pull-quote-aside).


Button Banner

The Button Banner can hold a simple call to action header some brief information about the call-to-action, and up to four buttons. Each button can direct the user to more information on your website.

Recently, the button banner was used to quickly communicate UF COVID-19 updates. We placed the button banner on the UF/IFAS Main website. The button banner’s text and background color are changeable. You can also add a background image for more visual interest.



Call-to-actions are very important for engaging web visitors and emphasizing something important. You can easily add these pieces and others to your TERMINALFOUR (T4) website by selecting “Edit Section” and then pressing the green “create content” button from the T4 site structure.

Do you need help crafting some great call-to-action statements? Try this search for Powerful Call-to-Action phrases to get the writing juices flowing.


Posted: March 13, 2020

Category: UF/IFAS Webteam, WCMS Updates

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