UF/IFAS Dinner of Distinction 2019 Invitation Package

The purpose of the UF/IFAS Dinner of Distinction (DOD) event is to honor UF/IFAS donors and supportive legislators, acknowledge alumni of the UF/IFAS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) and Florida 4-H, commemorate the UF/IFAS SHARE Council Volunteer of the Year, and pay tribute to an outstanding UF/IFAS Champion.

The client wanted a very distinguished/elegant look and had a bunch of ideas for how to get there. These ideas ranged from expensive specialty papers with white ink, fancy die-cuts and foils, unusual folds, and combinations of all the above with a limited budget. The client decided to go with five specialty foil stamps and two foil colors.

The invitation was a flat size of 7 in. x 10.25 in., gate-folded to 7 in. x 5.125 in.. There were outer and reply envelopes, a reply card and a special insert with a Sonic Blue foil DOD seal also included in the invitation. The five special foil stamp dies that were created and used included:

  • three Sonic Blue foils for the inside award title, date and DOD seal and
  • two Panache foils (orange/gold) for the outer towers.

To continue a cohesive look for the event, the 2 tower dies and the DOD seal die were reused for the program. This decision helped to offset the cost of making the dies as well.

The program was a flat size of 11.75” x 7” and gate-folded differently from the invite to 7” x 5”.

The two tower dies were used in three separate press strikes to achieve the two completed towers look in the Panache foil and the DOD seal was also once again used in Sonic Blue.


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Posted: January 6, 2020

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