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There are a couple things you may want to know about using the “What we can help with?” feature aka the search box at The search box on the UF/IFAS Extension Main website is a Google Search with filters. The Google Search filters allow you to search more than one UF/IFAS website in one place.

How It works

Start by typing in your search term. In this example, I am using the search term “water.”

Notice, that when the search results appear (see screenshot), the search results are limited to resources found on the UF/IFAS Extension/Solutions for Your Life ( website.

However, you can expand your search on a topic by clicking a new filter. In this case, your other choices are:

  • All- This filter searches all UF/IFAS websites
  • UF/IFAS Experts – This filter searches the UF/IFAS Experts Database website (

In the below screenshot, I expanded my search so I can see “water” search results from all UF/IFAS websites.

Now, compare the two screenshots above, beginning with the second search term, my search results for water are different.

The above concepts apply when you search any UF/IFAS Extension County website, say, for example, On the Miami-dade website, search results on “water” are limited to resources contributed by UF/IFAS Extension Agents in Miami-Dade, FL. Consequently, the Miami-Dade search filter displays information from the UF/IFAS Extension Miami-Dade website and blog.

Expanding your search term by using the filters may give you better results.