MyMediasite – An Online Option?

Looking for a way to provide presentations online for classes and workshops? UF’s Academic Technologies Campus Video Services offers UF faculty access to MyMediasite, where users can record narrated presentations which are saved and offered from the UF Mediasite server. Here is a brief overview of the MyMediasite software presented by Al Williamson with IFAS Communications Educational Video who used the MyMediasite software to provide an idea of how it works. If interested in learning more, feel free to check out these MyMediasite Access Instructions:


1) The client requests a MyMediasite Profile at the VCS request form:
2) The client will receive an email from us when they have been processed
3) The client can now access MyMediasite. The link to get to MyMediasite is:
4) From there, they can download and install the Mediasite Desktop Recorder by clicking on the button that reads “Download The Desktop Recorder”.
5) They will be taken to a page that has a button to download the recorder. When they download that and run the installer, they will also need to click the button that says “Register the Mediasite Desktop Recorder”. If they do not register the recorder, they won’t be able to use it.
6) The client can learn more about the features of MyMediasite by following the trainings located at these locations:
On the Mediasite Help Page:
Within the Medaisite Training Catalog:
7) If the client needs further training, we recommend that they contact Greg at the CITT to be trained further. You can learn more about getting training from him here:

Posted: June 24, 2016

Category: UF/IFAS Communications

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