TERMINALFOUR (T4) Tip 8: Link Sections and Jump Menu Options

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TIP: Link Sections allow you to create sections that contain no content, but merely links to another location (e.g., other pages, sites, or applications).

*Special Credit to Michael Morrow, Web Maintainer for UF/IFAS Plant Pathology for coming up with this tip.


Link Sections save time because they allow you to link to another website or web application from the navigation, or link to a single part of the site from multiple locations.

The jump menus in the 3 featured areas (normally Research, Teaching, and Extension) are built to populate based on what sections you nest within those three sections. Jump menus only appear on the homepage of UF/IFAS Version 2 templates (Light or Dark Blue).

In the following screenshots, the site structure under “Featured 3 Menus” shows 5 sections under the section called “Research.”

t4 regular section icons

The screenshot below shows a live preview of the menu items that will appear in the “Research” Jump Menu. These items will appear because we placed the above 5 sections under the “Featured 3 menus > Research >…” sections.


Creating and Using Section Links

If you want a T4 section to live outside the “Featured 3 menus > Research >…” site structure, but still appear in the “Research” Jump Menu, you can use a Section Link.

To create a Section Link under Research, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your site structure (it will look like screenshot #1)
  2. Locate the “Research” section under the “Featured 3 menus” section
  3. Click the yellow arrow next to the “Research” section you located in step #1.
  4. Select “Add Section”
  5. The “Add Section, Enter Details” section window will appear. Scroll to the bottom and check “Mark as link section.”

    t4 mark as link section
    t4 mark as link section
  6. Scroll up to the details tab and fill in the information you desire. Notice the options to link to either a T4 Section you created or an external web link. Don’t forget to press “Update”.

T4 details link section

Navigate back to your site structure, and you will see that Section Links look different from typical sections in your site channel:

T4 link section icon compared to regular section
T4 link section icon compared to regular section

The screenshot above indicates that menu items in the Featured 3 menus > Research” jump menu dropdown appears in the below screenshots, even though Section Links are being used. The section Links are empty and only point to other sections created in the site channel.




Posted: August 14, 2015

Category: WCMS Updates

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