UF/IFAS Soil and Water Sciences Undergraduate Brochures

The purpose of these pamphlets was to raise awareness about the UF/IFAS Soil and Water Sciences Undergraduate specializations. These specializations were designed to give the student a strong background in soil and water science with a core of required courses such as Wetlands, Hydric Soils, Land and Life, Environmental Pedology, Soil and Public Health and Soil, Water, and Land Use as well as the sciences such as Soil and Water Chemistry, Soil Physics, Soil Microbial Ecology Water Resource Sustainability, Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens, and Environmental Policy. It was our goal to create two complimentary pieces that were clean, modern and creative, to promote and explain what specializations UF/IFAS Soil and Water Sciences Department had to offer and in what ways the specializations were delivered and what career opportunities were out there for the undergraduates.



Posted: May 5, 2014

Category: UF/IFAS Graphics
Tags: Agriculture, CALS, College Of Agricultural And Life Sciences, Promotional Brochure, Soil And Water Science, UF/IFAS, University Of Florida

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