Tips for the Student Gardener: Making Your Own Hanging Planters

DIY hanging planters are a fun and easy way to decorate your home while making the most of the space you have available. Once you know the basics, you can customize the materials and patterns you use to make it your own!

  • Scissors
  • Yarn, cord, twine, or fabric scraps
  • Beads (optional)
  • Ring for hanging (optional)


General Tips:
  • Cord or fabric should be at least 2-feet long to fit smaller containers.
  • Longer lengths are needed for larger containers.
  • You will need to tie at least 2 rows of knots, but you can add more for a decorative effect.
  • Gaps between knots should be smaller than the container to fully secure it.
  • Fabric scraps should be about 0.5-2 inches wide. Stretch out your fabric scraps as much as possible to reduce the possibility of your hanger unevenly stretching once the plant is added.
Steps without Ring:
  1. Cut 8 strips of fabric or pieces of cord at least 2-feet long.
  2. Tie an overhand knot with all 8 cords at one end. This knot will rest at the bottom of your container, so the shorter length of strands should be the length you would like hanging below the container.
  3. Gather the cords into 4 pairs of 2. Tie these pairs an equal distance away from the large bottom knot. This first row should be about 0.5-6 inches away, depending on your container size and the number of rows you want to tie.
  4. Tie a second row of knots, tying neighboring pairs together. You should now have a circular shape. If you have difficulty, you can rest the cords on top of your upside-down container.
  5. You can continue to add rows, or secure the opposite end of the cords to finalize your hanging planter.

Steps with Ring:
  1. Cut 4 strips of fabric or pieces of cord at least 4-feet long.
  2. Thread combined lengths of cord through the ring and tie at the midway point. You should now have 8 cords to work with.
  3. Starting toward the bottom of the cords, repeat steps 3-5 from the instructions above. This is the same process, working from the opposite direction.


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Posted: October 10, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth, Agriculture, Work & Life

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