Growing #TrueLeaders

Holmes County 4-H has had many #TrueLeaders come and go through the program in the rich 75+ years that it has been established in our community. It is the 4-H lifestyle, a cyclical effect in which young people are exposed to positive adult role models who teach them essential life skills and give them opportunities to grow, learn by doing, and lead by example, and then these young people then become the positive adult role models and leaders of tomorrow. These 4-H youth have gone through the program, learned important life skills, further developed the essential elements of belonging, generosity, independence, and mastery, and then grow up to create lasting impacts on the lives of others.

In Holmes County, we are fortunate that we have many 4-H alumni, current 4-H members, and active volunteers, both adults and teens that, with kind hearts and generous spirits, working with our local youth to continue the 4-H tradition of teaching essential life skills of responsibility, generosity, decision making, goal setting, and so much more so they can grow up to be successful, empowering leaders in our community and in the world. We are seeing this empowerment in our teens. Seth Smith and Jordan Rolling are two examples of this empowerment that our 4-H family, our volunteers and our parents, have inspired in our youth to become great leaders!

Seth Smith and Jordan Rolling, both 4-H Seniors, were recently appointed to The Florida State 4-H Council Executive Board, representing Holmes County 4-H and 4-H District 2. For those new to 4-H, The Florida State 4-H Council Executive Board consists of 4 delegates from each of the 13 4-H districts, up to 30 Executive Board Appointees, and the 8 Florida 4-H State Officers. The Executive Board members attend working committee meetings at Executive Board Weekend Events, during which they offer input into 4-H events such as 4-H University, Legislature, and 4-H Day at the Capitol. Committee members also play a vital role in the implementation of those events. Other committees work on planning and implementing a state-wide community service project, fund raising, parliamentary procedure education, etc. Only 30 total youth were chosen and with nearly 60 entries this year, the State Council spent a great deal of time reviewing applications and making final selections.

We are very proud of Seth and Jordan to be appointed to The Florida 4-H Council Executive Board for 2017-2018! Thank you for representing Holmes County 4-H! We know you will continue to make us proud!


Posted: November 28, 2017

Category: 4-H & Youth, Clubs & Volunteers
Tags: 4-H; Leaders; Executive Board

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