Holmes County Peanut Variety Trial

On May 26th, a peanut variety trial was planted at the Bonifay FFA Farm on Happy Hollow Road. This project is a collaboration between Dr. Tillman from the University of Florida, Kalyn Waters, Holmes County Extension Agent, and Justin Peel, Holmes county farmer.

Three different varieties of peanut seed where planted: TUFRunner ‘511’, TUFRunner ‘297’, and FloRun 157. In addition, Georgia-06G was used as the experimental control. This field will be monitored over the growing season to track several different data points to help determine the overall performance of the three different varieties as compared to the Georgia-06G’s.

Research like this critical for farmers in Holmes County’s success. With continuing trends and changes in the demands of production, having in county research allows for farmers to know how these varieties will perform in the county, on the farm.

Peanut varieties can be thought of like different breeds/types of dogs. Certain varieties excel at certain performance traits like pest resistance and seed production. This is much like a Border Collie has different strengths or desired traits than a Dachshund. This is because they were bred to express those traits. Peanut varieties are genetically selected for desired traits that will increase the plant’s production and market value. Additionally, breeding also focuses on key nutritional components of the peanuts, such as fatty acids profiles and contents.

Once the crop is harvested in late October, all data will be posted on overall performance, yield and grade by variety. For more information, or to see the trial plots please call Kalyn Waters, Holmes County Ag Agent at 850-547-1108.



Posted: November 3, 2017

Category: Agriculture, Crops

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