Soil Testing for Possible Contaminants

Testing the soil for possible contaminants – such as specific pesticides or chemicals – can be difficult and costly. Throughout the year, the Extension office receives phone calls and emails from residents who wish to find soil contaminant testing services. The UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing lab provides nutrient, pH, and soil fertility information. The lab does not test for soil contaminants. .

However, private local and national labs may provide these services. It’s helpful to know what you want to test for because these tests can be expensive. For example, it would be less costly – and more specific – if a homeowner wanted to test for arsenic in the soil rather than all possible contaminants.

Contact the Extension office for information about labs that provide these services. Homeowners can then go on whichever company’s website, see if they test for the suspected pesticide or herbicides, and then find out sample submission requirements. Keep in mind one test might run upwards of hundreds of dollars per chemical, so it’s helpful to know what you want to test for.




Posted: December 31, 2021


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