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Social and Emotional Development of Your New Baby

Infants are social creatures and they love to see your smiling face. Around six-weeks old, your baby will start to smile back at you. As a parent, how you interact with your baby from day one has a big impact on his or her development.

When your baby cries, he is counting on you to soothe him by feeding, singing, burping, changing diapers, holding him close, or taking a walk with him. Studies have shown that babies actually cry less when they are quickly and lovingly responded to when they need something. Your baby is learning to trust you and when you respond quickly to his cries, you are building a life-long relationship with him.

Enjoy talking with your baby even though he or she doesn’t full understand your words. Talking helps him develop socially and intellectually. By the end of the second month, your baby may begin to talk back with you by making cooing sounds of his own. A great time to express your love for your baby is during regular care routines, such as feeding, diapering, bathing, and dressing your baby.

Your baby is very much attached to you. He is delighted by your face, so lean over him and let him watch you talk and change expressions. And remember, he especially like to see your smile!


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