4-H Pinwheel Turbine Activity

Looking for a fun and easy 4-H activity that you can do at your club meeting or at home? This 4-H pinwheel turbine activity is designed to teach youth about the basic design of wind turbines and their uses by using supplies that most people have laying around the house.


Supplies Needed:


Crayons, Colored Pencils, or Markers

Push Pin or Tack


Pinwheel Template

*If you do not have access to a printer, you can simply cut out a square and follow the directions on the template

  1. Using the 4-H Pinwheel Turbine template or self cut square; decorate the square
  2. Cut out the square
  3. Cut the dotted lines
  4. Fold the edges with dots over to line up with the middle dot
  5. Push the pin through all five dots and secure to a pencil eraser (*You can easily push the pin through one of the holes in the metal part that holds the eraser to avoid being stuck by the pin)
Take it Further

Similar activities can be found in the 4-H Power of Wind curriculum. In this curriculum youth can learn how wind is captured to create energy. This curriculum can be purchased through the 4-H Mall at https://shop4-h.org/products/power-of-the-wind-curriculum-youth-guide. You may also check out this project book as well as many more at the University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Highlands County 4-H Office.



Posted: March 18, 2020

Tags: 4-H, Do At Home; Diy, Highlands County 4-H; Activities; Kids; Youth

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