Plans on the way for 2nd Garden Festival

Let it Grow

The Highlands County Master Gardeners took a leap of faith last year and it paid off. The annual plant sale became a Garden Festival. Their theme, “Let it Grow” described the process to a Tee. No longer were they just selling plants they grew, but they added vendors, music, classes and an array of informative booths. This years second annual festival will even be larger. With a year to round up more vendors, we expect to make this year’s affair 25% bigger.

Classes and Fun

Once again the festival will be on the third Saturday in November. This years Festival on November 16th, will have a special class on propagating succulents and their care (read more here). Participants will take home a dish garden that they will make at the class. We also will be offering a large array of succulents already potted. Another favorite was our orchid care class. That class too will be interactive this year and include taking home a potted orchid. Other classes are planned so stay tuned and follow my blogs.

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david austin
Posted: April 16, 2019

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