2017-2018 Highlands County 4-H Fair Exhibit Booth Rules

2017-2018 Highlands County 4-H Fair Exhibit Booth Rules:

1. Only active club members in good standing who are enrolled in Highlands County 4-H may enter an exhibit.

2. All exhibits must be made by the 4-H member whose name is on the entry form within 12 months of the exhibit due date. (February 5, 2018)

3. Each exhibitor must submit an entry form by 5:00 PM Friday, January 19th to the Extension Office. (You may use the drop box outside of the office door.)

4. Each exhibitor may enter a total of three exhibits. Once entry forms are in, you may not change or add any exhibits or categories. You may withdraw any of your exhibits by contacting the office at any time.

5. Exhibits must be of good taste and quality. Once an exhibit is entered, it may not be re-entered in following years (see rule #2).

6. Each exhibit must fall into one of the following descriptions:
 – Tri-fold display board: 3’ x 4’ dimensions or smaller, no posters.
 – Reports: must be on 8 ½” x 11” white paper, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, or neatly handwritten, in a 3-ring binder or folder, no more than four pictures.
 – Model or display: not to exceed 20 cubic feet, no living animals.
 – Scrapbook: may not be digital, should not exceed 10 pages (double sided).

7. All exhibits must be submitted to the Extension Office on Monday, February 5th, 2018 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Non-food items may be dropped off between the entry form due date and the exhibit submission date. Food exhibits (classes 9 & 10) should be delivered by 12:00PM, ready to taste-test.

8. All exhibitors should receive an exhibit card when they turn in their entry form. Please fill it out completely and attach it securely to your project so that it may be seen when exhibited.

9. No kits. All items should be an original piece of work.

10. All items should be sturdy enough for transportation. Every precaution will be taken to protect exhibits, however, the Highlands County Fair Association, Highlands County Extension Service, Extension faculty and staff, and/or 4-H leaders will not be responsible for any accident, loss, or damage to any exhibit.

11. Exhibits which do not meet all of the above requirements will not be accepted, judged, or displayed.

Entry Forms Due Friday, January 19th , 2018 5:00 PM
Exhibits Due Monday, February 5th, 2018 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Food Exhibits (9 & 10) 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Exhibit Pick Up Tuesday, February 20th – Friday, March 2nd 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Description of Judging:
All Cloverbud members will be given a participation ribbon and are not eligible to be awarded Best of Show or Reserve Best of Show. All other entries will be judged on their own merit, and receive either a blue, red, or white ribbon indicating excellent, fair, or poor, respectively, with consideration to the age of the exhibitor. A Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show will be awarded for each class. To receive Best of Show, an exhibit must first be awarded a blue ribbon; to receive Reserve Best of Show, an exhibit must be awarded a blue or red ribbon. All judges’ decisions are final.

Questions and Concerns:
If you have questions, see if your 4-H leaders have the answers first. If instructed to do so, please contact the 4-H office for further questions. Speak to the 4-H Program Assistant, Alexis Cooper.
Please note: Some exhibits may fit multiple categories. Please choose your category with caution and consider the competitiveness of each category. This is solely your decision, but you may seek advice.

Entry Classes and Guidelines Small or light-weight exhibits should be mounted/framed so they may be displayed. Display area is windy! See examples here.

All art must be original. Please mount or frame light pieces.

All art must be original. Please mount or frame light pieces.

3 – 4-H THEMED
Must include the 4-H emblem and pledge. Any project that promotes the 4-H ideals or creed, informs the public of 4-H opportunities, activities or clubs, etc.

Must be educational. No live animals. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to): youth livestock projects, anatomy/physiology, habitat and livelihood, taxonomy, diversity, nutrition, etc. Livestock exhibitors may expand on youth livestock projects by further exploring their animal’s breed, commercial operation structure, retail cuts, etc.

All entries must promote either a product or the exhibitor to be purchased or hired, prospectively. Resumes, portfolios, web designs, graphic designs, etc. are acceptable.

Completed projects must include a record book (in a folder) and a provided caladium plant. Please follow contest guidelines.

Clubs may enter one 3’ x 4’ display board advertising their club. Members may enter this category individually, or a club can vote to enter as a joint effort. In the latter event, all club members must participate in creating the board. One picture depicting the creation of the board required in both scenarios.

Woodworking, welding, construction, and other hand-crafted items. This category will be judged based on skill and product.

This category has two aspects: the food item and an 8.5” x 11” OR 8” x 10” framed display. Displays must stand on its own and include at least one picture, the recipe, and storage instructions and longevity. Exhibitors must turn in six food samples for judging in disposable containers.

Jellies, meats, vegetables, and fruits are acceptable. Exhibitors must submit one clear standard canning jar for display at the fair, and six (1 ounce) samples, or a second jar for sampling. Samples must be ready-to-eat. A 4” x 6” card must be attached to the jar listing the name of the item and the recipe (with ingredients and instructions). Meats and vegetables must be pressure canned; all others may be sealed by water bath of pressure canner. No paraffin.

Must be educational. Any exhibit which promotes the knowledge or shows the promotion of the exhibitor’s knowledge of horticulture.

Any exhibit which enhances or displays any process of human development (physical, emotional, psychological, or educational).

Any exhibit which displays the exhibitor’s ability to create a working piece of machinery.

Examples include: crochet, knitting, weaving, macramé, embroidery, quilting, latch and hook, needlepoint, smocking, etc. All items should be hung if possible (bring a hanger with you even if you do not think it can be hung).

All prints must be 8” x 10” and mounted on a 5 mm foam board using adhesive spray. Attach a 4-H photo release to the back in the same fashion; no CD is necessary. Hot glue a soda tab to the back so that the top half of the tab can be used to hang the photo—this may cover the typed portion of the photo release only. No alterations may be used other than cropping, trimming, lighting adjustment, and red eye reduction. We will reject all submissions which do not follow these criterion, including proper mounting. You may use a bag to protect your photo until judging. Please put your name on it if you use one.

Pattern guides may be used if an unusual technique is indicated. All items must be hung if possible (bring a hanger with you even if you do not think it can be hung).

No live ammunition, firearms or parts of firearms may be included. Examples of appropriate displays include: fletch an arrow, make a quiver, make a finger tab or arm guard, make a target, create a quiz board, make a ground quiver with a bow support, compare trajectories, carve a decoy, tan a hide, make a gun rest/rack, make a rifle sling, make a target stand, etc.

2018 Highlands County 4-H Fair Exhibit Booth Entry Form Due: Friday, January 19th, 2018 before 5:00PM to the Highlands County Extension Office. The silver drop box beside the door may be used if the office is not open. Entry form can be found here: 2018 Exhibit Booth Rules



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