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Snakes In Your Backyard

Now is a good time for a reminder to all of us about knowing safe snakes from dangerous ones. No matter how well groomed we keep our lawns, from time to time we all see snakes in our backyard. Check out this website for a wealth of information (includes photos) on snake species found in Florida. or On-line Guide to Snakes of Florida.

Note also that snakes may move with changing habitat. For example, where land is being cleared and new development is occurring, people in surrounding neighborhoods should be aware that these changes may occur.

Source: Safety News & Notes, UF/IFAS, June 2008


2 Comments on “Snakes In Your Backyard

  1. Thanks! Just came across a six-foot snake in my backyard. I didn’t stop to identify it, but this will be helpful if we ever cross paths again.

  2. I recently had to remove a Red Rat Snake from my home. I had the doors and windows open and 13 newly hatched chicks peeping in the dining room. I think she smelled the chicks, came in under the screen door and got lost under my bed, where she spent the night. I found her in my bathroom next day and was able to catch and release her back out in the yard, after a photo of course. Mom the snake catcher. She was over four feet long!

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