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Hamilton County Tropicana Public Speaking County Contest

Congratulations to all Tropicana Public Speaking Contest winners from today’s County Contest!!!

4th grade

1st – Addison Morgan

2nd – Jaiden Hurst

3rd – Lilyann Law

Honorable Mention – Kimmy Ervine

5th grade

1st – Taylor Clement

2nd – Tyqeria Hughes

3rd – Burke Foster

Honorable Mention – Hannah Atkins

6th grade

1st – Anna Morgan

2nd – Kiley Melvin

3rd – Conner Jones

Honorable Mention – Anyra Morgan

Congratulations to all of our participants this year in the Tropicana Public Speaking Program. One of the #1 fears of adults is public speaking; all of those that participated are a step ahead for their future already!

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