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Freezing: Nature’s Pause Button – March is National Frozen Food Month

February 26, 2018

Based on information provided by the American Frozen Food Institute, on average, 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten and wasted, which is an annual loss of $165 million. Fresh fruit and vegetable waste makes up nearly one-third ... READ MORE

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A New Way to Buy Groceries?

January 19, 2018

Grocery shopping is probably one of my least favorite weekly chores. I have a family of picky eaters and it’s difficult to find healthy meals that please everyone. I can think of a million ways I’d rather spend my time than navigating ... READ MORE

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Tags: Family Nutrition And Health, Grocery Shopping, Grocery Shopping Services, January-March 2018, Meal Planning, Money Management, Nutrition, Panhandle-livingwell

Ghoulishly Good Practices for Halloween

October 16, 2017

From candy to pumpkins to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for kids and adults alike. However, it can pose dangers. To help make this year's trick-or-treat a safe and fun time, follow these simple safety tips compiled by the American ... READ MORE

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Keep an Eye on Your Eye Health – August is National Eye Exam Month

August 5, 2017

Most of us are willing to go to the doctor or the dentist, which are both part of taking care of our health. However, do you go to the eye doctor? If not, you definitely should add it to your healthy lifestyle regime. Eye exams at every age ... READ MORE

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Tags: Children, Eye Disease, Eye Exams, Eye Health, Family, Family Nutrition And Health, Great Vision, Health And Safety, July-September 2017, National Eye Exam Month, Nutrition, Panhandle-livingwell, Parenting

8 Important Questions To Ask Your Mother on Mother’s Day

May 3, 2017

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14, 2017, and it is a great time for us to celebrate our hard-working mothers. It is also a good time to talk to your mother about her health history. Knowing your mother's health history may help improve your ... READ MORE

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Tags: April-June 2017, Family Nutrition And Health, Health And Safety, Health Conversations, Health History, Mother's Day, Nutrition, Panhandle-livingwell

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