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Reducing your Seed and Suet Addiction-Plants to Support Wildlife

October 29, 2020

When the cooler weather of fall arrives, many of us think of attracting a delightful gathering of birds to our gardens with a selection of feeders filled with a variety of seed, suet and even meal worms. It can be relaxing and satisfying to ... READ MORE

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes, Wildlife
Tags: Backyard Wildlife, Birds, Black Eyed Susan, Goldenrod, Holly, Little Blue Stem, Native Plants, Simpson's Stopper, UF/IFAS Extension Sumter County

Divide Perennials in the Fall

September 9, 2015

After a few years, many perennial plants have grown so large that they need to be divided in order to be revived. Overcrowding causes them to bear fewer flowers and, sometimes, to die in the center. Fall is a good time to divide perennials that ... READ MORE

Category: Horticulture
Tags: Black Eyed Susan, Cast Iron Plant, Crocosmia, Daylily, Division, Flax Lily, General Gardening, Liriope, Native Plants, Panhandle Gardening, Perennials, Propagation, Prpagation, Stokes Aster

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