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Figure 3. Graceful sandmat inflorescence. Credit: Theresa Chormanski

Biology and Management of Graceful Sandmat (Chamaesyce hypericifolia) in Ornamental Crop Production

August 5, 2015

Graceful sandmat (Chamaesyce hypericifolia) is a problematic weed that often grows in container media in ornamental plant nurseries. This 4-page facts sheet profiles the biology of graceful sandmat and recommends physical, cultural, and chemicals ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Horticulture
Tags: Apopka REC, Chris Marble, Environmental Horticulture Department, Euphorbiaceae, Lyn A. Gettys, Nursery Weeds, Theresa Chormanski
Picture Name: 06122S Chestnut Hill Nursery, near Gainesville, FL. UF/IFAS Photo: Thomas Wright

Commercial Production of Ornamental Tropical Foliage Plants: Micropropagation

July 2, 2015

Florida nursery operators need to understand plant propagation principles and techniques so they can grow enough plants for sale. Micropropagation is a way to culture plant tissue to rapidly propagate a large number of plants. This 4-page fact ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Crops
Tags: Apopka REC, Environmental Horticulture Department, Jianjun Chen, Richard J. Henny, Tropical Foliage Plants
Figure 4. Mulberry weed flowers. Note purplish hue of flowers and location in leaf axils. Credit: Annette Chandler, Mid-Florida Research and Education Center

Biology and Management of Mulberry Weed (Fatoua villosa) in Ornamental Crop Production

June 18, 2015

This 4-page fact sheet discusses the characteristics of mulberry weed (Fatoua villosa) and explains how to control its growth in a nursery environment. Written by Chris Marble and Shawn Steed, and published by the UF Department of Environmental ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Apopka REC, Chris Marble, Environmental Horticulture Department, Nursery Weeds, Shawn Steed

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