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Category: Home Landscapes

Growing Backyard Blueberries & Blackberries – Online Course

This self-paced online course teaches you how to grow blueberry and blackberry plants in Florida home gardens. Topics include variety selection, preparing to plant, care and maintenance, pest management, and even a section on raspberries! Registration allows access… Read More

Integrated Pest Management for controlling Citrus Greening

Florida citrus industry has been influenced by citrus greening disease or huanglongbing (HLB) severely. Citrus greening is a bacterial disease that is transmitted by a tiny insect called Asian citrus psyllid (ACP). Unfortunately, there is no cure for greening… Read More

Growing equals knowing.

Who’s growing your food? It is important to many consumers to know who is growing thier food. The country or state of origin may impact the freshness of your produce. It may also have an impact on the… Read More

Tropical Fruit—Carambola

Tropical Fruit at a Glance—Carambola by Jeff Wasielewski, Laura Vasquez and Jonathan H. Crane Common name: Carambola (Star fruit) Botanical name: Averrhoa carambola Family: Oxalidaceae Good varieties: Arkin, Fwang Tung, Kary, Sri Kembangan About the fruit: When cut… Read More

Is finding school garden funding a New Year’s resolution?

Growing a school garden and looking for grant support? Perhaps finding funding is your New Year’s resolution. After all- when you live in Florida, school gardens are in-season in January. Fortunately for you there are grants linked below…. Read More