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¿Qué tan segura es la calidad del agua que recogen los barriles de lluvia en el sur de Florida?

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October 19, 2023

Creado por Lourdes Mederos, gerente de relaciones públicas en español para el Departamento de Comunicaciones de UF/IFAS.  Mucho más que una tendencia, los barriles de lluvia son una solución ecológica a largo plazo para el riego sostenible ... READ MORE

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Tags: Agua, Agua De Lluvia, Bacterias, Barriles De Lluvia, Calidad Del Agua De Los Barriles De Lluvia, Coliformes, Conservacion Del Agua, E.coli, Español, FLREC, Huertos, Jardines, Kimberly Moore, Lorna Bravo, Mica McMillan, Muestras De Agua, Niveles De PH, Seguridad Del Agua, Spanish, Techo, Tejado, Tipos De Techos, UF-IFAS, UF/IFAS Extension Broward County, UF/IFAS FLREC
Florida pusley, a common summer annual lawn weed

Fall Lawn Care & October Plant Clinic

October 18, 2023

If your lawn has a history of winter annual weeds such as henbit, wild geranium, annual bluegrass, chickweed and lawn burweed, you can apply a preemergence herbicide to prevent these weeds from emerging. Apply it during October when nighttime ... READ MORE

Category: Events, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Invasive Species, Lawn, Pests & Disease, Water
Tags: Lawn Problems, Plant Clinic, Plant Diagnostics, Soil Testing, Weed Control, Weed Identification

One of the Easiest Garden Beds to Build

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September 29, 2023

Building a garden bed can be daunting to say the least. But here at UF/IFAS, we are total nerds about all things gardening and we have some tips on building a garden bed this season.   A raised garden bed is simply a structure built to grow ... READ MORE

Category: Agriculture, Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes, Horticulture
Tags: Central Florida Gardening, Fall Gardening, Fruits And Vegetables, Garden Projects, New Vegetable Gardener

Hydroponics with Hannah—Virtual & In Person Hydroponics Workshops Fall 2023

September 27, 2023

I just love growing food hydroponically! Why? I am more likely to harvest it and eat it, too. Over 600,000 YouTubers love how I teach hydroponics in 8 minutes. You can get growing with that free video, but maybe it only 'wet' your appetite? ... READ MORE

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Marvelous Mulberries

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September 11, 2023

The mulberry (Morus spp.) is a fruiting tree rich in flavor, with nutritious foliage, a myriad of medicinal and culinary value, and a fascinating history. With numerous species, hybrids, and endless cultivars to choose from—a mulberry may ... READ MORE

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