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WEC Seminars: Sean Doody

Seminar Title: The invasive cane toad in Australia: impacts, control & mitigation Dr. Sean Doody is an assistant professor at USFSP, working mainly with reptiles, but also amphibians, birds, and mammals.  He currently works on a wide range… Read More

Consider a NATA workshop in celebration of Gopher Tortoise Day on April 10

Gopher tortoises: A keystone species Did you know that Gopher Tortoise Day is next week on April 10? This day strives to bring awareness to this protected and threatened species in Florida in an effort to encourage their… Read More

My Florida Farm Weather: On-site decision making support

Weather-related information is essential to Florida’s agricultural producers for making important decisions regarding the use of water for irrigation and cold protection.  Since the mid 1990’s, The Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) has been providing a variety of… Read More

WEC Seminars: Andrew Cox

Seminar Summary: Finding cause for optimism in avian conservation By: Molly Tuma “Sometimes it is hard to get out of bed” read the opening slide, accompanied by various article titles proclaiming in dramatic language the onset of earth’s… Read More

WEC Seminars: Juliet Lamb

Seminar summary: Evaluating year-round seabird habitat needs in the Gulf of Mexico to improve oil pollution risk assessment and mitigation By: Bobbi Carpenter Dr. Juliet Lamb is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Rhode Island and is… Read More