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Category: Farm Management

Applicator Safety, More Than Just Pesticides

One of the main tasks of the Pesticide Information Office, is to help teach pesticide safety, or applicator safety. Applicator safety involves more than just protecting from pesticide exposure. Safety does include understanding the label, PPE, and proper… Read More

Spring Cleaning, What To Do With Unwanted Pesticides

Spring cleaning, a time to get rid of the old and start with the new! This can be great for closets and garages, but what can we do with unwanted pesticides? This blog will discuss how to avoid… Read More

2021 Virtual Farm Tour and Video Scavenger Hunt

What is Farm Tour? Every year, Seminole County hosts a big event called Farm Tour. This is usually a fun-filled day where people get the chance to learn about agriculture by visiting local farms in the area! Why… Read More

2021 Virtual Farm Tour Day 1: Organic Farming, CSAs and more!

2021 Virtual Farm Tour Video: Day 1 2021 Virtual Farm Tour Day 1: Big Daddy’s Farm In growing plants, farmers face many challenges on the farm. Plants need a certain amount of water and nutrients to grow and… Read More

2021 Virtual Farm Tour Day 2: Livestock, cowboys, and more!

2021 Virtual Farm Tour Video: Day 2 2021 Virtual Farm Tour Day 2: Ed Yarborough Ranch, Inc. Livestock is an important component of Florida agriculture. About 15.6% of all the land in Florida is improved pasture, rangeland and… Read More

Florida Beekeeping Management Calendar: April 2021

This calendar is meant to be a reference point for management and is not comprehensive. For more information, check out these resources: Florida Beekeeping Management Calendar: Swarm Control for Managed Beehives: Florida Honey Bee Plants: Originally published April, 2017. Revised and… Read More


M.Brew, UF/IFAS Extension Lake County; C. Bainum, UF/IFAS Extension Marion County; Laura Bennett, UF/IFAS Extension Sumter, Pasco, and Hernando Counties; J. Bosques, UF/IFAS Extension Hardee County; C. Cooper, UF/IFAS Extension Citrus County; E. Jennings, UF/IFAS Extension Levy County… Read More