Long-legged Fly

Marietta said she found this bug on the leaves of her young Meyer lemon tree. View the photo on Instagram here.


What kind of winged bug is it, and can it control psyllids (jumping plant lice)?

Answer: Long-legged fly

Lyle Buss, University of Florida entomologist, said that the bug in the photo is a long-legged fly, a small, metallic-colored fly that preys on smaller insects. For this reason, it is considered a “beneficial”.

If you would like your bug identified and additional information, a great place to start is your local County Extension Office. With an office located in every county, it has never been easier to partner with the University of Florida and your local County Government.

Send your question and bug photo to your local County Extension Office, and they will gladly answer all inquiries. To find an office near you, visit the Solutions for Your Life website, or contact us at sfyl@ifas.ufl.edu.

Photo Credit: Marietta


Posted: May 26, 2016

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