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Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

From Disney princesses to animals (to even vegetables), Halloween is the one day of the year that encourages people to dress up however they please. While buying and trying on different costumes is always fun, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be more sustainable by making your own.

Five DIY Halloween Costumes

Here are five do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that can help you show off your creative side, keep some money in your wallet, and go green.


Grab those overalls that have been tucked away since the 90s, your favorite plaid shirt, and some boots. It’s easy as that!


The only thing you’ll have to buy for this costume is the makeup to design your zombie look. Then, cut some old clothes to make them look worn and tattered—you can even put them in the dirt. People will be running away from you no time!


Whether you want to be a lady bug or household cat, you won’t need much to become your favorite animal. If you want to be a lady bug, for example, take a red shirt and glue some black spots on it.


Casper doesn’t have to be the only friendly ghost after this Halloween. Take an old white sheet, and cut out holes for you to see and breathe. All that’s left is for you to say, “Boo!”


One word: Camouflage.

No matter what you want to dress up as for Halloween this year, remember there are tons of costumes that you can create yourself! Search the aisles of thrift stores or look through the piles of old clothes you haven’t worn in years—you’re bound to find something to transform.

Adapted and excerpted from:

Campus Sustainability: Tips for a Green Halloween,” University of Nevada, Reno (Accessed 09/2015).

Photo Credits: Ryan McVay/DigitalVision/Thinkstock