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Eat Local: Pecans

Buying local produce and nuts makes you more open to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, highlights the significance of agriculture and boosts your local economy.

Since Florida pecans are available from October to January, now is the perfect time to purchase them before they disappear until next fall.

Nutritional Facts

Although Florida pecans are high in calories, they have many nutritional benefits.

  • Florida pecans are a good source of fiber, which helps digest foods and minimizes heart disease risk.
  • They have a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids that can lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • They are free of cholesterol and sodium.
  • Pecans contain protein—the building blocks for bones, muscles, skin and blood.
  • They serve as sources of Vitamin B1 and minerals, such as copper, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

How to Select Florida Pecans

When searching for pecans, look for ones with an even, clean shell and feel hefty for their size. Check the shell for any scars, cracks and mold—you won’t want those. Be sure to shake the shell to see if it rattles (a sign of age).

If you’re purchasing pecans without the shell, find clean, dense ones that are symmetrical in size and color.

For more information about local food in your area, contact your county UF/IFAS Extension office.

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Photo Credits: thodonal/iStock/Thinkstock

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