Is your 4-H Project Animal Enjoying the Weather?

Are you enjoying the cooler days and longer nights? Is your 4-H project animal enjoying the weather?

If you are currently raising a 4-H animal you need to pay attention to the weather and your animal’s reaction to the weather. This time of year temperatures can change drastically during the day even in South Florida. Temperatures can go from hot to cool/cold and back in a very short period of time. Things to think about as you start your day:

  • What is the current temperature?
  • What is the temperature going to be mid-day?
  • What is the temperature going to be overnight?
  • Is there going to be any wind?

Often times our animals do not necessarily need heat lights, but may need the wind blocked for a portion of the day. Part of your everyday feeding program should be to pay attention to your animal’s surroundings. Things like wind direction and how your pens are laid out are very important in your decision on when to tarp or provide extra protection for your animals.

Another thing to pay attention to as your feed your animal each day is – How wet is their stall? Sometime even the smallest rains can cause pens to flood or get mucky. Animals that are standing in water and muck all day will not be as comfortable and eat as much as animals that are in clean dry stalls.

So as you are enjoying the cooler weather, and shorter days make sure to pay attention to your animal and their surroundings. This will enable you to keep them comfortable and healthy.


Posted: November 3, 2020

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: 4-H, Livestock Project, Weather

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