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8 Steps to Financial Goal Success

As 2016 comes to a close, consider which financial goals you would like to achieve by this time next year. These 8 steps can help you make those goals a reality.

  • Prioritize. Make a list of goals and prioritize. Give each goal a rank and consider how goal achievement or partial achievement will affect your life in the short & long term.
  • Review income and expenses. Careful review can help you avoid spending on things that you don’t really value. There are many free apps available to help.
    • If you like the paper and pencil method and would like a free UF/IFAS  Extension Money Management calendar, email Lisa . We can provide free calendars to the first 25 Hillsborough County residents who request one. If you live in another county check out the Extension web site to find an Extension office in your county
  • Be realistic. Calculate how much you can set-aside for goals after taking care of living expenses.
  • Set a Target Date. The amount you can realistically set aside will help you chose a realistic target date. Track your progress throughout the year and adjust the target date if needed.
  • Challenge yourself. Recognize obstacles and plan ways to overcome those obstacles.
  • Automate. Use automatic deposits and withdrawals to stay on track.
  • Picture success. Consider how it will feel to achieve your goal.
  • Take action! Taking steps toward goal achievement is the only way to make goals a reality.