2017 CALS Teacher of the Year Dr. Anne Mathews

Please join us in congratulating the following winners of CALS teaching/advising/mentoring awards.

In addition to being award winners at the college level, names marked with asterisks have been forwarded for consideration for university-level awards. We will recognize all of these winners at the Tuesday April 18, 2017 CALS Scholarship and Leadership Awards Banquet.

Congratulations Dr. Anne Mathews!

2016-2017 CALS Teaching and Advising Award Winners

Undergraduate Teacher of the Year Award

* Dr. Victor Harris, Assistant Professor – Family, Youth and Community Sciences

Anne Mathews Ph.D.Dr. Anne Mathews, Assistant Professor – Food Science and Human Nutrition

Undergraduate Adviser/Mentor of the Year Award (Faculty)

* Monika Oli, Senior Lecturer – Microbiology and Cell Science

Undergraduate Adviser of the Year Award (Professional Adviser)

* Robin Snyder, Academic Adviser III – Agricultural and Biological Engineering

CALS Graduate Teacher/Advisor of the Year Award

Dr. John Driver, Assistant Professor – Animal Sciences


Posted: March 6, 2017

Category: Food Science & Human Nutrition
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