UF Food and Resource Economics Department at 2021 AAEA Annual Meeting

UF Food and Resource Economics was well represented at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association’s (AAEA) annual meeting earlier this month. We had a number of our faculty, research scientists, and graduate students fly out to Austin, Texas to present their research. Below is a list of the presentations and presenters.


Not All Juice is the Same: The Superior Perception and Preference for Florida Orange Juice
Yan Heng, Research Scientist

Modeling the Joint Decisions on Consumer Store Selection and Product Choice
Junhong Chen, graduate student

Food Price Inflation and Demand Shocks: Evidence from Chinese Cities during the Covid-19 Epidemic
Bixuan Yang, graduate student

Spillover: Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on local employment level of the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Region
Bijeta Bijen Saha, graduate student

The future has arrived: Analysis of the COVID crisis’ influence on the demand for local products in Cusco, Peru
Trent Blare, Assistant Professor

Turning back the clock: The COVID crisis’ disruption of agricultural trade networks in the central Ecuadorian Andes
Trent Blare, Assistant Professor

The association between food lifestyle and self-reported obesity among U.S. food shoppers
Angelia Chen, Post-Doctoral Associate

The geography of dollar stores
Chuck Grisby-Calage, graduate student

A look in the rear-view mirror – reflections of a mentor
Lisa House, Professor

A discussion of diversity in agricultural economics
Lisa House, Professor

Making online learning active with team based learning
Misti Sharp, Lecturer

How consequential is policy consequentiality? Evidence from consumer preferences for neonic-free labels
Xuan Wei, Research Assistant

The spillover effect of plastic bag regulating policy on other non-regulated disposable plastics in the US
Sungeun Yoon, graduate student

Gender, institutions, and resource allocation: Panel evidence from Ghana
Joanna van Asselt, graduate student


Poster presentations:

Efficient Portfolios for Cost-Share Funds Allocation in Florida
Moonwon Soh, graduate student.

How Pet Owner Involvement in Pet Care Influences Veterinary Service Use and Expenditure
Xumin Zhang, post-doctoral associate.

Impact of Conditional Transfer Programs on Time Allocation in Unpaid Work in Women and Men from Colombia
Edgar Marcillo, graduate student

Preference and Access: Agriculture and Overnutrition in Rural Guatemala
Joanna Van Asselt, graduate student

Identifying Threshold for Economically Optimal Disease Management: The Case of Tomato Bacterial Spot
Ariel Soto-Caro, graduate student

Global overview of hemp production and the market of hemp-derived CBD in the U.S.
Julio C. Cruz, graduate student

Measure the Impacts of Covid-19 on Food Consumers: A Case of Orange Juice
Yan Heng, Research Scientist

Risk Preference and Adoption of Technology with Uncertain Outcomes
Yefan Nian, graduate student

Modernizing Standards of Identity for Orange Juice? Consumer Acceptance of HLB tolerant Citrus Juice Blending Ratio
Luqing Yu, graduate student

Do conflict management policies work? Evidence from ban on open grazing laws in Nigeria
Ben Avuwadah, graduate student

Pre-conference workshop

“Interactive Experimental Design for Agricultural and Resource Economics Research”
Co-organized by Bachir Kassas, Assistant Professor


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Posted: August 20, 2021

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