Designing Your Way Through the Field of Geomatics

The Geomatics Student Association designed and produced the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze in Plant City.

Katie Britt: This project I’ve worked on for about the last four years with our Plant City students and now this year with statewide students. It’s not something that’s you know necessarily an everyday job that a geomatics major or surveyor would do, but it is something that you know requires a lot of spatial thinking with those iterations of maps and projects. This is something that can really appeal to someone who has a good spatial sense and likes maps. This project’s been you know been able to tie in a lot of interesting technology — geographic information systems and then also you know they’ve collected data with drones to take photos and create orthomosaics. So there’s a lot of technology that goes into this, including traditional surveying equipment such as GPS and other total stations and things like that to set up the control for the entire project.

Scott Vanetta: We started in the last week of June and it was about six weeks to get the design in and I think the first layout day was Mid-July. We finished up the last weekend in July, so it took two weekends to lay it out. In my studies right now, I’m not only studying surveying and geomatics — we’re also incorporating into the agricultural business. This was a perfect blend between the two. I just got done taking some of my ag classes and surveying and this project couldn’t come out at a better time.

Tim Jaskiewicz: Almost every aspect of the program you can find an element of [within the development of the corn maze] because one you have to do deal with client interaction so you got business you got you had to do some GIS because in AutoCAD drawing there was math involved that was surveying there was geodesy — I could keep going. There’s almost every aspect of the geomatics program could be related to this project.


Posted: October 20, 2021

Category: UF/IFAS Teaching
Tags: Corn Maze, Fall, Geomatics, Plant City

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