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This Veterans Day and always, we thank those who have served. Our School is proud to have veterans represented across all of our programs. The Collegiate Veterans Success Center highlights two Natural Resource Conservation students in their The Stripes Within series.

Sean Manz
What was the best part of serving in the military?

The best part of my service is honestly the friends and family you make. You go through a lot of hard times together which brings you closer. I also really enjoyed travelling the world, eating different foods, and being a part of many different cultures.

What does it mean to be a Veteran at UF?

Honestly being a Veteran at UF doesn’t vary from being a regular student. Others seem to look up to you in a way; you are held to a higher standard. I’m happy that after my service I am able to succeed and not have to worry about the tuition required to attend UF.

Garrett Griffith
What was the best part of serving in the military?

Making bonds with complete strangers and knowing no matter what, when, or why, they will be there for you – and you for them.

What does it mean to be a Veteran at UF?

Being a student at UF is already prestigious enough, but to walk this campus with few others knowing what you have done and where you have been is very humbling.

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The Collegiate Veterans Success Center serves student veterans, and service members at UF by providing a designated location on campus for student veterans and service members to study, meet with on and off campus resources, and spend time with and support each other in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The collegiate veterans success center is accessible to all students creating a diverse care area that supports the success of UF veterans.


Posted: November 11, 2020

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