How Does Aquarium Keeping Affect ‘The Keepers’?

Aquarium keeping, for many hobbyists, goes beyond the pet aspect and truly becomes a way to bring aquatic ecosystems into one’s home. But how do aquariums affect personal views on science and conservation?

Dr. Roy Yanong, professor and extension veterinarian based at the Tropical Aquaculture Lab, hosts a popular podcast on Pet Life Radio called Aquariumania. His latest episode features Dr. Liz Marchio, a long-time aquarist, ichthyologist, and social scientist, who works for the National Park Service in New Orleans to educate youth in science and ecological restoration and to oversee citizen science programs.

Dr. Marchio studies the ways in which the aquarium hobby affects participant views and understanding of science and conservation. Click here to listen in on their conversation!

Many of our students also keep aquariums at home. Here are just a few:

This tank belongs to Krystie Diaz. She is a full-time high school science teacher in Orlando, FL, and takes SFRC courses online. She brought the tank home from her classroom in mid-March, and says that the fish miss her students!


Everett Krause has a 29 Gallon freshwater aquarium. He cares for three species of plants (Jungle val, dwarf sagittaria, and crytocoryne wendtii red) and three species of fish (2 Paradise gourami (named are Salami and Pastrami), 5 Black ruby barbs, and 2 neon tetras).


Shayna Jacques keeps a 55 gallon fresh water tank. While the plants are artificial, the wood is real. She says that the real entertainer of the tank is the frog, who is constantly eating and needs a steady flow of feeder fish!

Posted: June 10, 2020

Category: Coasts & Marine, Conservation, Water
Tags: Aquaculture, Aquarium, TAL, Tropical Aquaculture Lab

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