Featured Student Friday: Liz Ramirez

Each week, SFRC highlights a fantastic student or alumnus for #FeaturedStudentFriday. Today’s alum is Liz Ramirez. Liz currently works for the Forest Service based at the Ocala National Forest.

“I’m always trying to better myself. The Forest Service provides a lot of opportunities for professional development, like leadership courses, prescribed fire training, and invasive species identification classes. Education doesn’t stop at the college level, and I try to constantly learn as much as I can to be a better steward of our land.

What I love most about my job is that there’s something different to do almost every day. I first got into this field through a summer Forest Service internship program. Having that exposure during undergrad was invaluable to me. The ‘boots on the ground’ experience will let you know if this career is the right fit for you. I would encourage current students to shadow a professional in the field and ask as many questions as they need to better understand the demand of the position and how to get there.

Now, I regularly get to give these tours to students. It’s very rewarding to share opportunities with them and have a role in guiding future generations. It’s the perfect mix of sustainability, conservation, and public outreach that will ensure we are all doing our part to protect the planet for many years to come.” – Liz Ramirez


Posted: May 3, 2019

Category: Forests, NATURAL RESOURCES, Recreation
Tags: College Of Agricultural And Life Sciences, FSF, Students

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