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Kai Lorenzen Appointed Associate Director of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program

This winter, Dr. Kai Lorenzen was appointed Associate Director (AD) for our Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences program. Kai is following Dr. Bill Lindberg, who retired this fall after a 38-year career with the University of Florida.

Early Career

Kai started his career as a fisheries development consultant, working mostly in Southeast Asia, and subsequently spent 13 years on the faculty of Imperial College London. He first came to Florida as the 2007-08 Mote Eminent Scholar in Fisheries Ecology at FSU and Mote Marine Laboratory.

Journey with SFRC

Kai joined the School in 2010 as Professor of Integrative Fisheries Science. He is interested in addressing complex fisheries management problems through integrative-interdisciplinary science. In the course of his career, Kai has worked and published in all focal areas of the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program (sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic animal health, and conservation and management of natural environments). He is recognized internationally for his fundamental contributions to fish population biology, the assessment of hatchery programs from a fisheries management perspective, and the management and role in livelihoods of tropical inland fisheries.

Vision for the Future

Kai is looking forward to working closely with all FAS faculty, staff and students. “I believe that shared governance, in addition to individual excellence, is the foundation upon which all lasting success in academic programs is built. Shared governance done right brings out the best in everyone and is essential for building a vibrant and resilient program.”

Kai joins Dr. Martha Monroe, the Forest Resources and Conservation AD and Dr. Bon Dewitt, the Geomatics AD.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to help shape the future of our program and to further grow its scope and reputation. By working together, we can prosper and rise to new heights in 2019 and beyond.”