Credit: UF/IFAS Photos-reclaimed-water-onGolfCourse Reclaimed Water: Frequently Asked Questions (6/20/2017) by marylusk - 0000~A look at how reclaimed water is produced, what’s in it and how it can be used on lawns and food crops.~ ~Follow the UF IFAS Water Agents on Facebook and Twitter. Reclaimed Water Florida is rightly known... Read More
Senate Bill 10: A Summary (5/11/2017) by Lisa Krimsky - 0000The end of the Florida legislative session concluded with the approval of a bill related specifically to water resources. Governor Scott signed Senate Bill 10 late on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. SB 10, sponsored by Senate President Joe... Read More
Fine Tuning with Soil Moisture Sensors (4/12/2017) by Charles Barrett - 0000Tools in the toolbox Soil moisture sensors are a great tool for irrigators but they are not the only tool available. The fist thing any good irrigator should do is create an irrigation schedule. The schedule should be... Read More
Water in the South Central Extension District: Big Issues Part II (8/25/2016) by marylusk - 0100~A look at National Estuary Programs on Florida’s Gulf Coast and 5 things we can do to protect them If you live in Florida, chances are you have a water story. Whether it involves childhood memories of a day... Read More
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Water in the Extension South Central District: Big Issues, Part I (6/24/2016) by marylusk - 0000Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam has said that in a state as diverse as Florida, water is the closest thing we have to a shared identity. I’ve been travelling up and down Florida’s Gulf Coast the last... Read More
Water Reuse in the Sunshine State (5/19/2016) by marylusk - 01100Those purple pipes that carry reclaimed water to sprinkler systems all over Florida have just become famous. Recognizing that “Florida’s environment, economy, and quality of life depend on a clean and reliable supply of water,” Governor Rick Scott... Read More