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Water Agents Blog Downstream of COVID-19 (8/30/2021) by Lisa Krimsky - As a UF/IFAS extension agent I, like all my extension colleagues, receive a lot of resources about the state of the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, as someone who specializes in water resources, I couldn’t envision... Read More
What does Florida’s water mean to you? (3/22/2021) by Kaitlin Robb Price - Today is World Water Day, an annual United Nations Observance. This year’s theme is dedicated to the value of freshwater. They’ve asked us to think: what does our water mean to us? Here in Florida, we can’t... Read More
Virtual Water Ambassador Webinar Series is Back! (1/5/2021) by Lisa Krimsky - The Water Ambassador lunch and learn webinar series is back for 2021! Join UF/IFAS Extension for the Virtual Water Ambassador lunch and learn webinar series. The Water Ambassador Program is an educational partnership between Martin... Read More
Water Agents Blog 2020 in South Florida: A (Watery) Year in Review (12/23/2020) by Lisa Krimsky - January & February January and February brought hope, a fresh start, and good cheer March Oh! how naïve, as March brought pandemic and drought – driest in 89 years! April April showed stress on our... Read More
H2OSAV is Helping Florida Water Conservation Efforts (12/9/2020) by Kaitlin Robb Price - Imagine a situation where you set a goal to run faster. The first thing you would do is determine how far and how fast: perhaps a mile in under 10 minutes. Next, you would figure... Read More
Recent Fish Kills in the Northern Indian River Lagoon (12/2/2020) by Lisa Krimsky - By Lisa Krimsky and Holly Abeels Reports of localized fish kills in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) began on Thanksgiving in 2020 and continued for the next few days. The fish kill was most prominent... Read More
Water Agents Blog Water Ambassador Webinar Series (8/26/2020) by Lisa Krimsky - The Martin County Water Ambassador program is partnership program between  Martin County and UF/IFAS Extension that educates, unites, and empowers residents that have an interest in protecting local waterways and giving back to their communities.... Read More
Irrigation Scheduling and Soil Moisture Sensors in Cold Hardy Citrus (7/21/2020) by Charles Barrett - Soil moisture sensors are an incredibly valuable tool that can be used to make informed irrigation decisions. Soil moisture sensors are even more valuable when combined with an irrigation schedule. For Cold Hardy Citrus, there... Read More
Current bloom status for Lake Okeechobee (6/25/2020) by Lisa Krimsky - June 26, 2020 – updated Summer is officially here and so too is the near-annual cyanobacterial bloom on Lake Okeechobee. Algal blooms are typical in Lake Okeechobee and usually form in the end of spring... Read More
Virtual Water Ambassador Program – lunch and learn webinar series (5/27/2020) by Lisa Krimsky - Join UF/IFAS Extension for the Virtual Water Ambassador lunch and learn webinar series. The Water Ambassador Program is an educational partnership between Martin County and UF/IFAS Extension that unites and empowers residents who have an... Read More
New Supreme Court Ruling is Big News for Groundwater Protection (4/24/2020) by marylusk - The US Clean Water Act was first passed in 1972 and regulates discharges of pollutants into the “waters of the United States.” For decades this federal legislation has been interpreted to apply to surface waters... Read More
Septic Upgrade Incentive Program Aims to Protect Florida Springs (5/15/2019) by marylusk - ~By Dr. Mary Lusk, UF Soil and Water Sciences Department, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced last year a Septic Upgrade Incentive Program that will help offset the... Read More
Beneficial algae? Growing algae to remove excess nutrients (3/15/2019) by Lisa Krimsky - By: Lisa Krimsky, Lauren Butler, Leroy Creswell, Vincent Encomio, Ken Gioeli, Yvette Goodiel, Josh Kutyna, Nicki Munroe, Kate Rotindo With all of the press regarding harmful algal blooms in the state of Florida, it is... Read More
Understanding the 2017-2018 Florida Red Tide (12/4/2018) by Lisa Krimsky - By: Lisa Krimsky, Betty Staugler, Brittany Scharf, Krista Stump and Rebecca Burton Florida’s lingering red tide has left many concerned residents with unanswered questions. Over the past 14 months since the bloom began off the... Read More
Una respuesta a las preguntas frecuentes sobre los Afloramientos de algas en el Lago Okeechobee, y los ríos y estuarios de Caloosahatchee y St. Lucie en el 2018. (8/14/2018) by Lisa Krimsky - Por: Lisa Krimsky, Karl Havens y Ed Phlips (Traducido por Victor Blanco – Agente de Extension de Florida Sea Grant) Las fuertes lluvias que llegaron con el huracán Irma en septiembre de 2017 y las... Read More
A Response to Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 Lake Okeechobee, Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie Rivers and Estuaries Algal Blooms (7/10/2018) by Lisa Krimsky - By: Lisa Krimsky, Karl Havens, and Ed Phlips The heavy rainfall that came with Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and the above-average rainfall in spring 2018 again set the stage for another large-scale summer algal... Read More
Agriculture water trading, is it possible in Florida? (2/12/2018) by Lisa Krimsky - By Jim Fletcher As this state continues to grow, water supply issues for both agriculture and public use are coming under increasing pressure. Traditional groundwater sources will not be sufficient to meet the future water... Read More
Hurricane Irma’s Impacts on Florida’s Coastal Water Quality (11/15/2017) by Lisa Krimsky - Hurricane Irma is now two months behind us.  While most of us are familiar with, and may still be dealing with the impacts of the storm on land, the impacts to coastal environments can also... Read More
a tractor plowing a field Ag BMPs: Implementation Verification Rulemaking Becomes Effective Today (11/1/2017) by marylusk - The 2016 Florida Water Bill established that agricultural best management practices (BMPs) are enforceable and that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) shall verify implementation of BMPs by enrolled producers and landowners.... Read More
Credit: UF/IFAS Photos-reclaimed-water-onGolfCourse Reclaimed Water: Frequently Asked Questions (6/20/2017) by marylusk - ~A look at how reclaimed water is produced, what’s in it and how it can be used on lawns and food crops.~ ~Follow the UF IFAS Water Agents on Facebook and Twitter. Reclaimed Water Florida... Read More
Senate Bill 10: A Summary (5/11/2017) by Lisa Krimsky - The end of the Florida legislative session concluded with the approval of a bill related specifically to water resources. Governor Scott signed Senate Bill 10 late on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. SB 10, sponsored by... Read More
Fine Tuning with Soil Moisture Sensors (4/12/2017) by Charles Barrett - Tools in the toolbox Soil moisture sensors are a great tool for irrigators but they are not the only tool available. The fist thing any good irrigator should do is create an irrigation schedule. The... Read More
Water in the South Central Extension District: Big Issues Part II (8/25/2016) by marylusk - ~A look at National Estuary Programs on Florida’s Gulf Coast and 5 things we can do to protect them If you live in Florida, chances are you have a water story. Whether it involves childhood memories... Read More
6 Things You Need to Know About the 2016 Florida Water Bill (7/1/2016) by marylusk - It’s Florida Water Bill Day! A new water law becomes effective in Florida today, July 1, 2016. Most famously known as the “Water Bill,” this Florida legislation was 2 years in the making and has... Read More
Water in the Extension South Central District: Big Issues, Part I (6/24/2016) by marylusk - Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam has said that in a state as diverse as Florida, water is the closest thing we have to a shared identity. I’ve been travelling up and down Florida’s Gulf... Read More
Water Reuse in the Sunshine State (5/19/2016) by marylusk - Those purple pipes that carry reclaimed water to sprinkler systems all over Florida have just become famous. Recognizing that “Florida’s environment, economy, and quality of life depend on a clean and reliable supply of water,”... Read More