July Is National Grilling Month – Try Adding Vegetables

July is National Grilling Month, so throw another shrimp on the barbie – and while you’re at it, some veggies too. Not only is the grill a tried-and-true way to cook up some burgers, hotdogs, steaks or ribs – it’s also a great way to cook vegetables.

UF/IFAS Dietitian Lakisha Crumpler says there are a number of vegetables that can be grilled. A good example is corn, still in the husk.  Just grab some fresh corn from the produce aisle at your local grocery store.  You don’t have to peel off the husk, just throw it on the hot grill. You can do the same with fresh squash, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and onions.  Place them all together in a nice kabob and set the kabobs on a hot grill.  Crumpler says we’re all aware of what the typical barbecue and cookout foods look like.  But throwing that splash of color with a kabob on the side looks really nice.  While nothing’s better than coming to that cookout where you might expect that platter of tomatoes and cucumbers with ranch dip, adding that colorful vegetable kabob on the side of whatever grilled meats you serve is not only tasty but a good nutritional change. As Crumpler says:

Grilling is also a good way to also reduce some of that fat. You’re probably not putting as much butter. You’re not necessarily cooking the life out of things when you do it on the grill. Just a little bit of drizzle there, you know, seasoning to taste, put it on the grill and it’s done very quickly!”

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Posted: July 13, 2022

Tags: Cookouts, Grill Vegetables

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