Situation: The Osceola County 4-H program runs three concession stands during the Osceola County Fair in their largest annual fundraiser. Every year, all club members are required to attend food safety trainings to ensure proper food safety procedures are followed. This has proven to be difficult in the past. With over 600 members, attendance was poor, averaging 125 members during the three years these trainings were conducted by the FCS Agent. Of those members who attended the training, it was difficult to see demonstrations and hear the Agent speak. Therefore, in 2014, a train-the-trainer curriculum was developed to train club leaders who in turn train their members at the club level. Methods: Curriculum was developed which includes a PowerPoint presentation covering food safety topics specific to food booth procedures, training videos covering similar topics, and activities to help reinforce the information. All club leaders attended the training to receive the materials on a thumb drive; new leaders are trained as needed. They also have access to equipment for activities. Additionally, a representative from each club is required to attend a food safety education course every three years. Results: In 2014, 20 of the 33 participating clubs were trained reaching 262 members, a 50% increase from previous years. In 2015, 26 of 29 clubs were trained, reaching 471 members. Lastly, in 2016, 25 of 30 participating clubs were trained, reaching 354 members. Additionally, 32 of 35 club leaders are trained in proper food safety handling or hold one of the nationally recognized certifications. Conclusion: Giving club leaders the ability to train their club members has ensured that more are prepared prior to working the food booth. Also, club leaders report that the food safety information learned in training is used at home as well.


Posted: April 20, 2017

Category: UF/IFAS Extension, WORK & LIFE
Tags: 2017 Symposium, FL., G. Murza., Kissimmee, UF/IFAS Extension Osceola County

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