Understanding the 4-H Project

4-H Projects are about developing blue ribbon youth rather than blue ribbon projects.
4-H Projects are about developing blue ribbon youth rather than blue ribbon projects.

Make a Difference Monday, our online volunteer training series, kicked off this past Monday night! This year’s series focuses on helping youth develop a sense of Mastery, one of the Essential Elements of a positive youth development. Mastery is all about building knowledge and skills and being able to demonstrate those skills and knowledge effectively. Mastery is developed over time through intentional 4-H project work, events and activities. The main goal of the 4-H Project is to help youth develop life skills, regardless of the subject matter content. Some of the important components of a project include:

  • The use of quality educational materials to guide youth through a planned sequence of learning activities (4-H curriculum and project guides)
  • Project work is guided and validated by supportive, trained, caring adult project mentors or leaders (4-H project leaders and resource leaders)
  • Youth have opportunities to share what they have learned with others through club or county demonstrations, exhibits, shows, and other contests. (Hint: tune in October 19th for an overview of 4-H events and activities and how they can support the project work of your club members)
  • Provide youth with opportunities to self-evaluate and gain a sense of accomplishment through project reports and the Florida 4-H awards and recognition model (Hint: tune in November 16th for an overview of our awards and recognition system and how project reports can help members with their portfolios for scholarships).

Here are some additional resources about 4-H projects, and how to use experiential learning to help develop life skills through 4-H project work:

In case you missed our live session, it was recorded and can be viewed online at http://florida4h.org/.madmondays. You can also check out our entire series schedule and find out how to connect from the comfort of your own home. We hope to “see you” online in October as we work together to “Make the best better!”



Posted: September 25, 2015

Category: 4-H & Youth
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