It’s October and That Means it’s Time for Halloweed

It’s October and That Means it’s Time for Halloweed


What is Halloweed?

It’s a national program where volunteers gather at a public space to help remove invasive weeds.  In many cases they target one specific species.  This year in Escambia County we plan to target beach vitex on Pensacola Beach.  If there is not an event in your community, you can still participate by removing invasive weeds from your own private property.  Here is how…

  1. Target one specific species. Maybe Chinese tallow, Japanese climbing fern, or other possible invasive weeds in your community.  If you are not sure which weeds are invasive, check with your local county extension office.
  2. Read how to best manage. Each species may use different methods and herbicides to treat.  Maybe you do not want to use herbicides, not a problem, by visiting the website of the University of Florida’s Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, you can find fact sheets that will give you not only the different herbicides that can be effective, but other non-herbicide management ideas.
  3. Decide what you are going to do with the weeds afterwards. Fragments and seeds from these weeds can generate new populations.  You make sure you dispose of the plant properly to not create a bigger problem.
  4. Pick a nice day, collect all your supplies, and do it.
  5. Let us know! Contact me (Rick O’Connor and let us know which species you removed and how much.

If you are in Escambia County and want to participate in our event this year, we will be removing beach vitex from public areas on Pensacola Beach.  You will need gloves, loppers or clippers, and a 5-gallon bucket.  Here is our schedule…


Oct 4     12:00pm             Quietwater Boardwalk.  Meet at the seashell.

Oct 12   12:00pm             The Bike Path near the Sugar Bowl.  Meet at parking lot 27A (Allen Levin Way).

Oct 18   12:00pm             The sewer lift station on Via DeLuna just west of the west entrance into

Sugar Bowl.

Oct 25   12:00pm             Bike Path near Portofino.  Meet at parking lot 27B.


If you plan to come to one of these, let me know!   Rick O’Connor at

The radiating runners of beach vitex expanding over a sand dune on Pensacola Beach.
Photo: Rick O’Connor

Posted: September 28, 2023

Category: Coasts & Marine, Invasive Species, Natural Resources
Tags: Beach Vitex, Florida Sea Grant, Halloweed, Invasive Species

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